Initation Rituals

Session 1, Pirn Problems
Big Trouble in Little Pirn

At the request of Jacob Merton, the local Pathfinder Society Venture Captain, our adventures arrive at the small village of Pirn to help with their missing livestock problem. They’re greeted by the sheriff interim, Howard, who informs them of the towns misfortune. The group headed to the local bar searching for Jacob. The tavern keeper informs them of his absence and informs them that the last person he was seen with is Marcus who lives outside the local graveyard.

Having no other leads, the group heads to Marcus’ house only to discover that an ambush has been laid for them. After dispatching the goblins they found the torso of Marcus and an threatening letter pertaining to a “Chief”. The sheriff finds the group and asks if they can escort them to the graveyard as strange noises have been coming from that area.

At the graveyard, the group runs into the presiding mayor of the village, Penny Vandermilion. Not wanting to deal with the rabble she storms off after one of the members ask her about her father. The group discovers that somebody has been digging up graves and that two mounds have been freshly dug. They discover the body’s of both Jacob and Rodrick the sheriff. The sheriff is acting strange and after a lengthy interrogating session he states that he’s the reason the goblins are in town and that they must have set up shop in the underground caves behind the graveyard. The group hauled Rodrick back to Howard for temporary storage while they explore the underground cave…

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